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5 Stars
Return to Hoffman Grove
Return to Hoffman Grove - Karla Brandenburg
Return to Hoffman Grove by Karla Brandenburg is an intelligent emotional drama full of richly described characters.
Brody returns to his home town after a 9 year absence to assess a property for development. He rediscovers, Cinda, his first love from high school at an abuse session housed in the same building he wants to redevelop. He meets friends he left behind an old memories resurface. Here the author shows her flair for emotional stress and its toll on the characters.
There is so much more going on in this thought-provoking novel which delves into the murky world of spousal abuse, and kudos to the author for keeping it entertaining and riveting.
FIVE STARS for this emotional drama and highly recommended.
5 Stars
Faerie Tale: Ashen
Faerie Tale: Ashen - R'Lee R. Coffey
Faerie Tale: Ashen by R'Lee Coffey is exactly what the cover reveals NOT - there is so much more going for this delicious paranormal romance with every human emotion ramped up to the max. The author wraps everything in a mystery as Ashen Black knows not what she is nor why her father's legacy has left her vulnerable to an enemy unknown to her. Then she meets the tall handsome enigmatic Knox and he is as much an enigma as she is to herself. These characters and more are so richly described and grow with every page of every chapter. I am so totally into this author.
FIVE STARS for this paranormal mystery and highly recommended.

5 Stars
Brooke's Miracle (The Harris Family)
Brooke's Miracle (The Harris Family) - Linda   Kennedy
Brooke's Miracle (The Harris Family) by Linda Kennedy is a brilliant, thought-provoking novel of casual sex leading to life or death decisions that no eighteen year old woman should ever face. The characters are beautifully written and the pacing is a gentle breeze through the lives of the Harris family. The relationships are so exquisitely described, lovingly blended into a cocktail of life as it is and not in the movies.
Young Brooke is going to college and has her life all mapped out. Then she discovers she is pregnant, panics, makes a decision and has to live with it. Then she finds out her ex boyfriend wanted the baby. More trauma and heartache. But a miracle is awaiting her, a second chance rarely given. This family drama is a must read for every young woman and parents who might dread that moment when their baby becomes unexpectedly pregnant.
FIVE STARS for this family drama an very highly recommended.
5 Stars
Learning at Home: 48 Family Fun and Educational Learning Ideas
Learning at Home: 48 Family Fun and Educational Learning Ideas - R.R. Cratty
Learning at Home: 48 Family Fun and Educational Learning Ideas (Kindle Edition)by R.R. Cratty is a wonderful book to teach parents and children how to get more out of everyday mundane activities.
The author uses step-by-step techniques to show how the simplest thing could be used to educate a child. How to bake a cake - what are the ingredients, where do they come from, what measurements are used, weight, time in cooking. Expand this to the seasons and their differences, enjoyment of sport and how scores are kept. Well the list is endless and the author backs up each entertaining chapter with a to read list.
This is a must read for ever parent and might teach your children to see things through amazed eyes instead of goggle-boxed in front of the TV.
FIVE STARS children's book and very highly recommended.
5 Stars
Cursed Bloods (Book 5)
Cursed Bloods (Book 5) - Shannon McRoberts
Cursed Bloods (Book 5) by Shannon McRoberts not only continues seamlessly where Athine Series finished off but cleverly combines this latest addition with her Genetic Corp X characters. This epic fantasy series is so awesome I had difficulty putting the book down. The fantastic characters, all so vividly described, jump from every page and involve the reader right off the bat. Even the bad guys are fun.
Without giving away the series, this reader loves the way the author reinvents mythology from various countries and combines them with her own imagination in such a way as to hook the reader into downloading them all. This series is a veritable feast for the senses and a must read for all lovers of fantasy, adventure and mythology.
As a youngster I loved Jason and the Argonauts, Greek Mythology, Ulysses and this novel surpasses them all with its unique take, beefed by the author's glorious style. May the force be with her to create more.
FVE STARS for this wonderful fantasy adventure and very highly recommended.

5 Stars
Love Shakes: Book 1 - Encounter, A Romantic Parody (Young Adult Seduction Series)
Love Shakes: Book 1 - Encounter, A Romantic Parody (Young Adult Seduction Series) - J.S. Luxor
Love Shakes: Book 1 - Encounter, A Romantic Parody by JS Luxor is a refreshingly wicked take on the romance genre. The author has reinvented romance novels with a style all her own that completely hooked me right off the bat.
When Joanna and Tristan are trapped in an elevator during an earthquake there's little choice but to get to know one another. Romance as we know it is stripped to the bone and gnawed on until nothing is left This is done in such a glorious way with openness and humour that this reader loved every page.
A must download just to find out what happens when the traplings are released from their cage.
FIVE STARS for this adult romance parody and very highly recommended
5 Stars
BLACK DIAMOND - Jennifer Loiske
Black Diamond (McLean Twins, #1) by Jennifer Loiske is a YA Paranormal mystery that is a must read for all fans of the genre. It is a masterfully written, well paced novel and hooks you from page one. I knew I was going to love this book and I did. Well done to the author.
Twelve-year-old Shannon McLean is uprooted from America to live with her estranged father, Connor, in England at his imposing manor - Greyman Hill. Right away she takes a dislike to daddy and his right-hand man, Rupert.
Shannon discovers all kinds of spooky secrets, hidden passages, ghosts and so much more. This also shows the reader how Shannon evolves and develops her character to perfection. I have to admit I thought this novel even better than Rebecca which it vaguely reminded me of.
So without further delay I urge you to download this incredible YA Paranormal Mystery.
FIVE STARS for this teen mystery and very highly recommended.

5 Stars
The Zombie Chronicles (Apocalypse Infection Unleashed Series)
The Zombie Chronicles (Apocalypse Infection Unleashed Series) - Chrissy Peebles
The Zombie Chronicles (Apocalypse Infection Unleashed, #1)
by Chrissy Peebles is a superb teenage horror novel and a must read for all zombie fans. The author's style is fresh and exhilarating full of tongue-in-cheek descriptions and zombie in-jokes - such as - "Besides, I'm pretty sure you like me for my brains and not my looks."
3 siblings Dean the 1st person POV, his brother Nick and long-lost sister Val, team up to fight the undead hordes that have swept across America. The action is furious and wonderfully gory and the descriptions of the zombies are pure brilliance. This reader could not get enough of the author's awesome style, the clever storyline, the cool characters and the way the scenes blended one to the other with seamless momentum.
The cliffhanger ending knocked me for a loop and made me scream. Thank goodness the author has published the series or this reader would be gnawing his fingernails to the bone. Yummy!!
FIVE STARS for this YA Horror and very highly recommended.
5 Stars
My Wizard Buddy
My Wizard Buddy - Scott Spotson, Brian W. Wu
My Wizard Buddy (My Wizard Buddy, #1) by Scott Spotson & Brian W. Wu is a must read children's paranormal adventure. I could not put the book down and read it in one sitting - it was that good!
11 year old Tyler is a lonely boy, bullied by his older sister. One day skulking he wishes he had a cool best friend. Dirk appears and is the perfect choice, well the only choice. Tyler soon discovers Dirk is a wizard from another planet. Even cooler. And even cooler is all the adventures they have as everything is so new to Dirk.
There is plenty of room for fish-out-of-water humour which is splashed across every chapter, cool adventures such as paintball, teasing his sister with an Ouija board and getting his revenge on school bullies. But most of all this awesome book is about a child's need for a friend and acceptance. Absolutely brilliant Scott!!!
A FIVE STAR children's adventure and very highly recommended.
5 Stars
Stolen Identity
Stolen Identity - Peter and Pattimari Cacciolfi
Peter and Pattimari have struck gold with Stolen Identity. The story is all too often an occurrence in these criminal infested times but the subject has been infused with the authors' unique style which gives the reader a wonderfully entertaining read.
Joseph's identity has been not only hacked but removed altogether. Devastated as a non person he delves to find the master criminal with the help of his wise and connected grandfather Louie. The twists and turns keep the momentum at the right pace and will more than satisfy readers who love crime thrillers. Above all else, this novel is a real eye-opener to the state our planet is in and how defenceless we are.
This FIVE STAR crime thriller is a must read and very highly recommended.
5 Stars
Dark Indiscretions: 1
Dark Indiscretions: 1 - Shakuita L Johnson
Dark Indiscretions by Shakuita Johnson is a must read for all lovers of Paranormal Romance with a healthy dose of erotica thrown in for good measure. It is also a different twist on the world of supernatural creatures. Although quite dark and bloodthirsty, there are plenty of humorous scenes to lighten the load with feisty females, horny alpha males and various characters whom this reader enjoyed despite their many flaws.
The heroine is a Mystic, a vampire and shape-shifting witch all rolled into one sex package. But Jennifer is not your typical, everyday Mystic, who enjoy inflicting pain - she has a conscience and strives to resist the irresistible pull to her dark side. Sometimes she fails.
This is a must read for PNR lovers with a thrilling pace full of juicy gory action and juicy sex too.
FIVE STARS for this paranormal romance and highly recommended.
5 Stars
Beyond Bridalveil Fall
Beyond Bridalveil Fall - Sheryl Seal
Beyond Bridalveil Fall (Dwellers of Awahnee, #1) by Sheryl Seal is a wonderfully captivating fantasy set in the world of The First People. The author creates a fantasy world that will blow the reader away with its dazzling imagery. The descriptions were so rich this reader was there and felt everything the characters felt.
Set in stunning Yosemite National Park the story revolves around Oria as she discovers her destiny on her 18th birthday - she is a shape-shifter and a Golden Queen to her tribe that lives Beyond Bridalveil Fall. I could not get enough of Oria's adventures so beautifully described in this flawless novel.
This reader fell in love with Native American history and folklore and could not wait to get his hands on books #2 and #3.
I highly recommend this FIVE STAR fantasy adventure to all lovers of this enchanting genre.
5 Stars
Beyond Oria Falls (Dwellers of Ahwahnee)
Beyond Oria Falls (Dwellers of Ahwahnee) - Sheryl Seal
Beyond Oria Falls (Dwellers of Ahwahnee, #2) by Sheryl Seal seamlessly continues this glorious fantasy adventure of Native Americans. This book is so beautifully written with such fantastic characters and a magical story to match.
Oria has returned as the Golden Queen, and with the elders of her tribe, she sets off on another adventure to help free more lost spirits. But this mission is fraught with danger as Oria must contend with Ala, an evil spirit intent on total destruction. Again, this reader adored the 1st People culture. There is also the love play between Oria and Grey Wolf which always seems to get interrupted.
And with magic, shape-shifters and many fantasy creatures filling every beautiful chapter, this reader could not wait to read book#3. I loved it! So go on and download this glorious series, you will not be disappointed.
FIVE STARS for this fantasy adventure and very highly recommended.
5 Stars
Capital D
Capital D - Natasha Johnstone
From the book title I had no idea what to expect. Ash Stone's excellent slow burn start sets up a non-stop pile-driver guns-blazing high tech thriller that grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and dropped me off at the last page, thankfully in one piece and still breathing. This slick tale of two friends reuniting after 15 years apart - the sexy Silka and the handsome muscle-bound Taber - leaves me in no doubt that this author has found a niche for her amazing talents. Move over Lustbader and make room for Stone the new kid on the spy block. If you like spies sighs and naked thighs - and there's plenty of naked thighs I might add - then this book is right up your street. I was also impressed by the author's use of the movie and glamour world to describe the action and thoughts and there was no doubt that this book had been well researched from infamous gangs, terror groups, weaponry, technobabble and all the various spy networks competing out there. I particularly liked the Jagger/Faithful moment. I will not divulge on the story as it is a secret until the book has been opened. So what are you waiting for, download this FIVE STAR globe-trotting sexy spy thriller and discover what Capital D really means.
5 Stars
The Water Lily Fairy at the Ice Cream Palace
The Water Lily Fairy at the Ice Cream Palace - Mary Ann Vitale
The Water Lily Fairy at the Ice Cream Palace by Mary Ann Vitale filled me with such delight and reminded me of my childhood where everything was filled with magic and mystery. Again the author has captured those childhood traits and used them to create this sweet tale of a fairy helping poor children get their wishes. Discover how greed can be turned on itself to help those less fortunate. And if you love ice cream then you'll scoop tis up by the spoonful. Beautifully done with a love for Sicily. A must read for all children who believe there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
FIVE STARS for a children's fairy tale ad very highly recommended.
5 Stars
Into the Killer Sphere (Chase Williams detective stories #1)
Into the Killer Sphere (Chase Williams detective stories #1) - Stefania Mattana
Into the Killer Sphere (Chase Williams Detective Stories, #1) by Stefania Mattana is a classy detective thriller mystery set in beautiful Italy. If like me you love Agatha Christie then this will not disappoint - it will fulfil all your detective mystery needs.
First you have the retired Scotland Yard detective, Chase Williams, who has found a beautiful ancient walled city in Italy to live in. But murder is never too far away and he uses his skills to help local police investigate a seemingly accidental death at a wealthy household.
Second, cue in the suspects, of which there are plenty, most have alibis and here the reader will have the most fun sorting out the evidence as it filters down to Chase.
Third, get blown away by the riveting finale which I will not use 1 word to describe. So settle down in front of the fire and help Chase solve this murder mystery.
FIVE STARS for this crime detective mystery that ticks all the boxes and then some. Very highly recommended.