Into the Killer Sphere (Chase Williams detective stories #1) - Stefania Mattana
Into the Killer Sphere (Chase Williams Detective Stories, #1) by Stefania Mattana is a classy detective thriller mystery set in beautiful Italy. If like me you love Agatha Christie then this will not disappoint - it will fulfil all your detective mystery needs.
First you have the retired Scotland Yard detective, Chase Williams, who has found a beautiful ancient walled city in Italy to live in. But murder is never too far away and he uses his skills to help local police investigate a seemingly accidental death at a wealthy household.
Second, cue in the suspects, of which there are plenty, most have alibis and here the reader will have the most fun sorting out the evidence as it filters down to Chase.
Third, get blown away by the riveting finale which I will not use 1 word to describe. So settle down in front of the fire and help Chase solve this murder mystery.
FIVE STARS for this crime detective mystery that ticks all the boxes and then some. Very highly recommended.