Cursed Bloods (Book 5) - Shannon McRoberts
Cursed Bloods (Book 5) by Shannon McRoberts not only continues seamlessly where Athine Series finished off but cleverly combines this latest addition with her Genetic Corp X characters. This epic fantasy series is so awesome I had difficulty putting the book down. The fantastic characters, all so vividly described, jump from every page and involve the reader right off the bat. Even the bad guys are fun.
Without giving away the series, this reader loves the way the author reinvents mythology from various countries and combines them with her own imagination in such a way as to hook the reader into downloading them all. This series is a veritable feast for the senses and a must read for all lovers of fantasy, adventure and mythology.
As a youngster I loved Jason and the Argonauts, Greek Mythology, Ulysses and this novel surpasses them all with its unique take, beefed by the author's glorious style. May the force be with her to create more.
FVE STARS for this wonderful fantasy adventure and very highly recommended.