BLACK DIAMOND - Jennifer Loiske
Black Diamond (McLean Twins, #1) by Jennifer Loiske is a YA Paranormal mystery that is a must read for all fans of the genre. It is a masterfully written, well paced novel and hooks you from page one. I knew I was going to love this book and I did. Well done to the author.
Twelve-year-old Shannon McLean is uprooted from America to live with her estranged father, Connor, in England at his imposing manor - Greyman Hill. Right away she takes a dislike to daddy and his right-hand man, Rupert.
Shannon discovers all kinds of spooky secrets, hidden passages, ghosts and so much more. This also shows the reader how Shannon evolves and develops her character to perfection. I have to admit I thought this novel even better than Rebecca which it vaguely reminded me of.
So without further delay I urge you to download this incredible YA Paranormal Mystery.
FIVE STARS for this teen mystery and very highly recommended.