Capital D - Natasha Johnstone
From the book title I had no idea what to expect. Ash Stone's excellent slow burn start sets up a non-stop pile-driver guns-blazing high tech thriller that grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and dropped me off at the last page, thankfully in one piece and still breathing. This slick tale of two friends reuniting after 15 years apart - the sexy Silka and the handsome muscle-bound Taber - leaves me in no doubt that this author has found a niche for her amazing talents. Move over Lustbader and make room for Stone the new kid on the spy block. If you like spies sighs and naked thighs - and there's plenty of naked thighs I might add - then this book is right up your street. I was also impressed by the author's use of the movie and glamour world to describe the action and thoughts and there was no doubt that this book had been well researched from infamous gangs, terror groups, weaponry, technobabble and all the various spy networks competing out there. I particularly liked the Jagger/Faithful moment. I will not divulge on the story as it is a secret until the book has been opened. So what are you waiting for, download this FIVE STAR globe-trotting sexy spy thriller and discover what Capital D really means.