Brooke's Miracle (The Harris Family) - Linda   Kennedy
Brooke's Miracle (The Harris Family) by Linda Kennedy is a brilliant, thought-provoking novel of casual sex leading to life or death decisions that no eighteen year old woman should ever face. The characters are beautifully written and the pacing is a gentle breeze through the lives of the Harris family. The relationships are so exquisitely described, lovingly blended into a cocktail of life as it is and not in the movies.
Young Brooke is going to college and has her life all mapped out. Then she discovers she is pregnant, panics, makes a decision and has to live with it. Then she finds out her ex boyfriend wanted the baby. More trauma and heartache. But a miracle is awaiting her, a second chance rarely given. This family drama is a must read for every young woman and parents who might dread that moment when their baby becomes unexpectedly pregnant.
FIVE STARS for this family drama an very highly recommended.