My Wizard Buddy - Scott Spotson, Brian W. Wu
My Wizard Buddy (My Wizard Buddy, #1) by Scott Spotson & Brian W. Wu is a must read children's paranormal adventure. I could not put the book down and read it in one sitting - it was that good!
11 year old Tyler is a lonely boy, bullied by his older sister. One day skulking he wishes he had a cool best friend. Dirk appears and is the perfect choice, well the only choice. Tyler soon discovers Dirk is a wizard from another planet. Even cooler. And even cooler is all the adventures they have as everything is so new to Dirk.
There is plenty of room for fish-out-of-water humour which is splashed across every chapter, cool adventures such as paintball, teasing his sister with an Ouija board and getting his revenge on school bullies. But most of all this awesome book is about a child's need for a friend and acceptance. Absolutely brilliant Scott!!!
A FIVE STAR children's adventure and very highly recommended.