Beyond Bridalveil Fall - Sheryl Seal
Beyond Bridalveil Fall (Dwellers of Awahnee, #1) by Sheryl Seal is a wonderfully captivating fantasy set in the world of The First People. The author creates a fantasy world that will blow the reader away with its dazzling imagery. The descriptions were so rich this reader was there and felt everything the characters felt.
Set in stunning Yosemite National Park the story revolves around Oria as she discovers her destiny on her 18th birthday - she is a shape-shifter and a Golden Queen to her tribe that lives Beyond Bridalveil Fall. I could not get enough of Oria's adventures so beautifully described in this flawless novel.
This reader fell in love with Native American history and folklore and could not wait to get his hands on books #2 and #3.
I highly recommend this FIVE STAR fantasy adventure to all lovers of this enchanting genre.