Good morning all Booklikers. Today I'm going to discuss the dreaded POV. Due to certain limited POV novels published over the last 20 or so years, us poor Indies have been forced by editors to limit our POVs to 1 per chapter. This rule is so debilitating and quite honestly no longer the norm. The big authors never stick to it, so why should we? I stick to 1 simple rule -  don't mix POV. Can't get more simple than that. So write multiple POVs in a chapter, so long as they are identifiable.


Do not mix POV even if writing omniscient POV ie She stepped out of the house and searched up and down the street for him. She couldn’t see him hiding behind a tree across the street. He watched her with murderous intent. A - never write what a person can’t see and B He is another POV which should be another paragraph. When in a character POV do not input another character’s thoughts until you come out of that first POV. Separate with a new paragraph by introducing the new character in action first then dialog and thoughts.