Murder Most Deadly - Simon Okill

Murder Most Deadly is a horror comedy in the style of such classics as Carry On, Monty Python, Blackadder all wrapped in Hammer House. So if you are looking for a raunchy read full of jaw-dropping special effects and hideous humour then read on or better still download a copy. Each character has their voice so unique and written by themselves. They are earthy locals with the goods to match.
Bianca Penhale has kept her dark secret hidden from all her fans for far too long. The pressure valve finally blows releasing a chain of horror in her delightful Cornish fishing village. She has to use her dark side to fend off all manner of horror creatures not to mention vindictive ghosts and witch's spells.
This book does not take itself seriously and would make splash on your bookshelf, so expect to get messy. Very highly recommended for all lovers of horror fantasy.