Christine - Marie Milpois, Stephen King
Christine by Stephen King kicks the YA genre in the teeth and screams bloody murder with complete abandon. Again Mr King delves into the teen world but mixes it up with violence, bad language, revenge, bullying and murder.
I was bullied I school, so I know where this book leads the reader - straight to hell and back in a red Plymouth Fury called Christine. Se needs love and attention like no other car. She knows her new teenage owner will give his all for her and she in return sorts out the bullying problem. Cue in he best friend and his girlfriend who snoop under he bonnet to discover a car from hell itself that possesses its owners.
There are plenty of gory shocks, nosy cop, revenge of the bullies and redemption, but at what cost. Read and find out and you will never look at a Plymouth Fury the same way again.
5 Stars and highly recommended.