Destiny of the Vampire - Tina Traverse
Destiny of the Vampire by Tina Traverse is wonderfully romantic, full of hope, addiction, love, desire and betrayal. For a short read, Tina has certainly crammed an awful lot of story that never lets up, never drags its heels to the exciting climax which left me gasping for more.
Declan and Sebastian St Clair go on a fishing trip with the father. A storm surprises them and sinks the boat.
The brothers wake up on an island paradise, battered, bruised and confused. Neither have time to mourn their father - survival comes first. They do survive, but at what cost - their humanity! Dec and Bass discover they have been turned by a vampire queen, but being rowdy young men, their penchant for living it up and partying gets them into trouble with Christian the head of the vampires on this island.
The brothers escape Christian's wrath and learn what it is to be a vampire in the big bad world. There they meet Hope Serenity, beautiful and seductive. She saves them from themselves in more ways than they could ever appreciate. She is my favourite character, a part any actress would die for.
This gorgeous story is full of everything vampire lovers need for their fix of blood and is a FIVE STAR glass of blood wine.