Forever, Christian - Tina Traverse
Forever, Christian by Tina Traverse is the most profound, heartfelt outpouring of desperation and love you could ever expect to read. Just forget the autism for a moment and just soak in every mother's daily toil looking after a difficult child. Then imagine multiplying those difficulties megafold and each and every day, week, month, year you are dragged into a pit of misery with no way out.
And do the doctors help you - of course they do, as they off-handedly diagnose nothing worse than hyper-activity or purely normal reaction to a child growing up.
Then after 9 years of this torment a school teacher diagnoses your child with Autism, a not uncommon malady that all doctors should be aware of. By now every mother would be screaming mad with the futility of how the medical profession are so indifferent to the plight of the not so well to do. That school teacher could teach every doctor a thing or too about humility.
This reader is in awe of Tina's journey with her beautiful Christian, how they have grown from desperation to hope to fulfilment. All it took was some common sense from someone looking in rather than looking out.
This FIVE STAR true life drama is a must read for every mother, whether they have an Autistic child or not, as Tina's book will inspire them to see what a gift they have in their children.