Once Upon Another Time - Rosary  McQuestion
Rosary McQuestion’s gloriously romantic Once Upon Another Time is one of those books every woman should read who has gone through grief and the anguish of loss. It deftly juggles the concepts of love continuing beyond the grave while raising a child and working long hours. The entire book is from lawyer, Aubrey McCory’s point of view and the author seamlessly weaves a paranormal tale of strange messages from the afterlife with Aubrey’s close friendship with her best friend, Laura.
From the first page the reader is hooked and needs to turn the next page all lovingly coated with rich descriptions, the inner workings of the female mind under extreme stress and a mystery that slowly unravels along with Aubrey. Is Aubrey responsible for her husband, Matt’s death seven years before? Her psychiatrists seem to think she is guilty about his death. Why can’t she remember the events leading up to that fateful cliff fall? Why wait till now for Matt to appear leaving cryptic clues? Why strange goings on at her home and more worryingly at her lawyers’ office where Aubrey’s erratic behavior is becoming increasingly noticeable?
And why can she suddenly hear everyone’s thoughts? Is Aubrey going insane like her Aunt Millie who died under mysterious circumstances or is there a more subtle influence directing her to a destiny beyond her understanding? Will Aubrey unravel the mystery and be able to fall in love again? Read this 5* romantic mystery to find out. You will not be disappointed – I wasn’t!