The Steward - Christopher  Shields
The Steward (Weald Fae Journals, #1) by Christopher Shields is a wonderful teenage romp in fairyland gone bad. This is not a Disney version but more dark with a war between good and bad Fae.
15 year old Maggie is uprooted from her home and friends and starts a new life in rural Arkansas. Could life be any worse. But what follows is a delightful journey as Maggie discovers the nearby forest leads to a magical Fae Land and she is made The Steward. She learns her new duties through trial and error as any teen would, but she is a mere mortal, flesh and blood with feelings that all teenagers are inflicted with.
Maggie's wonderful character carries this beautiful fantasy with consummate ease, written with obvious love for the genre and her character. Christopher expertly weaves a bold and vivid landscape that enthrals and delights the reader with such poetic prose. This reader had no trouble picturing in detail every scene with such minute microscopic focus.
This YA fantasy is full of wonderment, breathtaking beauty and thrilling adventure that will keep readers of all ages glued to the book, unwilling to sleep until finished. That should make parents very happy keeping their teenagers from under foot.
So what are you waiting for go buy this FIVE STAR YA Fantasy that I highly recommend.