Fantacia - The beginning. (Voxian Series) - Ruth Watson-Morris
Fantacia (Voxian, #1) is simply brilliant. Ruth Watson Morris has created a unique epic fantasy where humans have depleted the resources of their own planet and must expand their realm in the year 2512. First stop is the ice planet moon Titan where frictions run high. However the lure of the planet Vox drags humans into a terrible war of attrition. Humans are used as slaves by the demon Belial and the monstrous Beth. The equally evil Vardu protect them but the Voxians have Fantacia, and her clan of warriors to rid Vox of this pestilence. Fantacia forms an alliance with the Reptilians, led by Bellazard, a wonderful character so richly imbued with righteous qualities. The Reptilians are descendants of Earth's dinosaurs and ferocious. Humans and Reptilians along with Fantacia's Voxians join forces and mass an army to defeat Belial and Beth, but it won't be easy - war never is. The alien landscapes are stunningly depicted and the fight sequences are breathtakingly real.
Fantacia is a science fiction fantasy for teenagers who like epic battle scenes reminiscent of Lord of the Rings. There is plenty of humour and bloody fighting to keep everyone glued to each and every page.
Fantacia is a FIVE STAR epic scifi fantasy and a must read that will not disappoint.