A Plague of Dissent - Nic  Taylor
A Plague of Dissent by Nic Taylor is a damning indictment to British politics and the country as a whole. Seedy politicians, corrupt journalists, terrorists, media moguls who believe they have the right to tap the entire nation's phones, all have a play in this fast-paced plot-driven novel. And one may ask is this fact or fiction, and this reader's assumption would be fact based on recent events. The Sex Pistols summed this book up with their single - Anarchy in the UK - and to be honest they were far more innocent than the politicians depicted in this book.
If you like expose type novels, riotous action, seedy characters all looking to make money off someone else's misfortune then this is the book for you, with the murder of those who know too much as easy to dispel as taking aspirin for a headache.
This is a FIVE STAR political thriller and is highly recommended.