American Midnight - B.R.  Snow
American Midnight by BR Snow is definitely not what I expected. It has all the elements of the great thriller, brilliant mystery, sleazy romance and yet there is this fine thread of the supernatural binding all the colourful characters into a neat ball of a story in the film noir style rebooted and given a firm kick up the butt.
Doc White wakes up hungover, penniless and a hot babe in his hotel room in Las Vegas. Worse is to come. He finds out he owes 150 large to the casino owner who runs the hotel. He has no way of paying off his debt as his new wife has run off to the Med with all his money.
But Doc has special talents, least of which is he knows computers, and it just so happens the casino owner, an 84 year old Chinese - Hedaya needs help with his system.
Now the fun starts for Doc as he has to fall back on his old CIA ways to figure out how not to end up under a fresh patch of newly-dug sand in the desert.
Does Doc win the day, get the girl and survive for another adventure - well you'll have to read this FIVE STAR tech mystery with enough spies to fill Watergate.