Visions - Lauren Klever
Visions (The Secret Watchers Book #1) by Lauren Klever is a supernatural YA thriller for both teens and adults to enjoy. The well-written story, that I have to say is written with all the love a mother has for a teenage son, full of dialog that rolls off the tongue, draws the reader in immediately with scenes that all teenagers my age (well aged now) can recall with a smile and a grimace.
Owen Ryer is 14 years old, hates school, loves play (skateboarding) and is noticing girls. He is awkward but senses there is more to his mundane life. All that is tuned upside and down and inside out as Owen's life takes a new path as he discovers his true identity via a special watch - he is a Secret Watcher, always has been and now his life is more than he could ever bargain for.
Owen now has the ability to see evil lurking within the underbelly of society. He can sense evil acts and must stop them but while his powers grow at such a tender age the dark side of the Watchers try to stop him, and if they cannot they will bring him over to their side.
With the help of White Eagle, Owen must face challenges way beyond the realm of ordinary teenage life. How does Owen cope with the enormity of his task? Read this incredible first book in the Secret Watchers series.
A FIVE STAR YA fantasy thriller and highly recommended by this reader.