Fables of the Reconstruction - Hunter S. Jones
Hunter S Jones has delved into the dark side of Victorian London and created a zombie erotica the likes of which not even God could have imagined. The God here being a Creole Zombie Deity who looks after women of the night. These women, Mary and Poppy are prostitutes servicing the needy both rich and poor, both becoming trapped by the seductive pair of zombies Jean Paul and Pierre. The sex is steamy in the extreme, well written and intoxicating. Every sexual act imaginable is explored with equal vigour as Mary and Poppy become insatiable for their zombie masters' exquisite bodies. Once both prostitutes are turned to the cold side of the undead they prey on their marks not just for sex but for sustenance that leaves a bloody trail of bodies. But there is a hidden agenda at play, a plan to create an army of the undead and take over the world or .... I have to admit I was not expecting the incredible ending that left me breathless for more and to ponder what exactly had I just read in one sitting, unable to put down till the final page.
Fables of the Reconstruction is a 5 out of 5 cold shower rating that left me weak-kneed and gasping for more.