Tea Party Teddy - Dianne Harman
Tea Party Teddy by Dianne Harman is a gritty in-your-face version of Mr Smith Goes to Washington, only we all loved Mr Smith. Not in Teddy's case. The author has used her obvious knowledge in the political arena to create an outstanding expose of State politics. The state in question is California, long since bereft with a myriad problems, and what California does not need is Teddy Randall smashing his way into the legislature like a Nazi storm trooper. What I found particularly well done was Dianne's ability to actually squeeze a modicum of pity for the antagonist, Teddy. The protagonists are everyone else who disagrees with his policies, especially his long-suffering wife.
Dianne leaves no stone unturned as we are given a scalpel to dissect the rotting carcass that is prevalent in every country - the political system and the abuse of it by unscrupulous individuals out to either change everyone's views to their own twisted ideals or line their pockets with taxpayer's hard-earned cash. This incredible book is a real eye-opener into the seedy side of corruption in high places, and not since All The President's Men have I read such an entertaining and enthralling novel on the subject.
Well done Dianne Harman for making what could have been a dry, boring subject ooze class and menace and at the same time educate.
I highly recommend this FIVE STAR political thriller to anyone who would like to know where their taxes are going.