The Tier of Eternal Grace: The Moon Clearing - Tania Elizabeth
My Review of The Tier of Eternal Grace: The Moon Clearing by Tania Elizabeth
This is fantasy writing at its best. I was immediately pulled into Tania’s wonderful descriptions of her magical land – Eterna Fadas that exists between the ordinary and divine plains of reality. This faerie realm is inhabited by exquisite humanoid beings, sensual, lustful and full of life and they haunt the land with a delightful grace. Gorgeously rich depictions of magic, faith and love are interwoven with extraordinary characters that virtually leap off every page with a reality of their own.
This magical queendom is ruled by Queen Tatiana who has existed for so long none of her subjects can remember, but Tatiana’s faith in herself and her inner beauty is challenged by a dangerous rogue who brings havoc where once was beauty, magic, love and faith in all things good. Can Queen Tatiana triumph over this bringer of chaos and also restore her own faith as her fateful journey takes us to places only dreamed of in the author’s imagination?
Tania Elizabeth’s book is a joy to behold as she expertly weaves her own magic throughout this delicious concoction of love, desire, faith and mysticism and above all an unseen passion that has certainly inspired this reader. And there’s more to come. Bring it on Tania!
A 5 Star magical fantasy!