Grabbing Your Destiny by the Horns: Finding Your Place in Life - William Gabienu
William Gabienu’s book literally grabs you by the horns and shakes out the lethargy that has beset so many of us. Although he concentrates on fables set in the bible, their meaning is clearly meant for all mankind. Uplifting and awe-inspiring is the message that instills in the reader a renewed sense of purpose that will lift us to such lofty goals previously declared unattainable. One beautiful story stands out as it is explained how elephants at an early age are tethered and trapped. The same rope is used to continue to tether the elephants now fully grown. With little effort the elephants could burst free, but memory tells them they are trapped and so they live that way.
This book goes very far in truly helping us all attain that which we might have first thought impossible. Read this 5 star book for an uplifting insight into all our failings and learn to become a success.