Mirror Deep - Joss Landry
Review by Phantom Bigfoot
Mirror Deep By Joss Landry
This book is a great mystery thriller that gets the blood pumping and keeps the twists turning each page with trembling fingers.
Kat has led a privileged life on her family ranch training horses for show jumping. But her life is thrown into disarray when a stranger visits the ranch with veiled threats. She learns she was illegally adopted using a baby broker. Now Kat must find out her heritage. She travels to Chicago with her friend to meet the one man who knows everything, but he is brutally murdered. Her friend is almost killed drinking poison meant for Kat.
Kat toughs it out and meets other members of her long unknown family and a woman who is her exact double. Who is she? Kat can’t go it alone and enlists the help of her second cousin, the handsome Pierce who secretly loves her. But Pierce has his own motives – to keep the law away from his lawyer father who is involved in the illegal adoption. They are soon engrossed in solving the mystery of Kat’s heritage and why she is the target of a serial killer bent on stopping her discovering the truth. Along the way she discovers her true feelings for her second cousin, but the family closeness has kept her from going further.
Can Kat stay alive long enough to rope Pierce in and solve the mystery of her stolen life? This book has it all, the majestic beauty of horses, heart-stopping romance, murderous thrills and pure enjoyment that kept this reader enthralled to the last page. This is highly recommended for thrill-seekers of 5 star murder mysteries.