Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous - Riley Banks
Riley Banks has created a YA vampire classic with Vampire Origins - Project Ichorous. She has deftly interwoven our violent history stretching back thousands of years to explain the need for vampires to control our destiny.
I loved the way the story begins with the Romanoffs saving two of their children, Alex and Anna by walling them up. Through a hole in the wall, young Alex witnesses the horrific murder of his royal family by the Bolsheviks.
Alex and Anna are saved, taken to a castle in Romania where they are converted into vampires by the Evil Vlad Strigoi. Vlad is head vampire of the Strigoi clan. He is ruthless, cruel and plans world domination with his Ichorous Project.
But Vlad doesn't expect a sweet 17 year old girl, barely able to handle the intricacies of dating to become his nemesis. And that is exactly what Scarlett becomes as her father takes her and her clan of brothers and sister to Romania to renovate Vlad's castle.
Can Scarlett remain human long enough to stop Vlad's desire for world domination? You will have to read this FIVE STAR masterpiece to find out.