Relics (The Thulukan Chronicles, #1) - Maer Wilson
Maer Wilson has created a beguiling classic that sneakily grabs you by the throat and drags into the portal to a world of her own making. A flashback from the terror of a knife at said throat of La Fi sends us hurtling to a child sitting on the school steps waiting for parents to arrive. It is only when the child's dead parents arrive do we know she is Fiona and she can see the dead and interact with them. Cool! And sad! And from there we are hurtled headlong into Fiona's tumultuous life as she is uprooted and settled in San Francisco with her Nana. At her new school Fiona meets Thulu a gifted boy who has the ability to find things and Thulu has found Fiona.
Their relationship develops over the years and Fiona takes on the name La Fi named after a barbeque burger she created. Together La Fi and Thulu use their special powers to find lost items and help wayward ghosts. But when they leave college and set up their detective agency for the restless dead as a married couple trouble arrives when a gaggle of noisy ghosts arrive at their office. It soon transpires a monster is out there killing with impunity, John Tyler. He must be stopped. To La Fi and Thulu's astonishment, John is a daemon searching for lost relics that when used will open a portal unleashing horrific flesh-eating creatures upon mankind - Light Ones or fallen angels led by the thoroughly evil Gabriel.
La Fi and Thulu reluctantly join forces with the delectably devious John to stop the impending apocalypse by searching for the ancient relics.
Maer uses her considerable writing skills to conjure up a whole new genre of ghost detectives versus monstrous demons intent on world destruction combined with poignant moments of pure love and joy as the pair help the restless dead find true peace. There are plenty of thrills and spills and magical creatures to give readers of all ages the chills.
This magical book is a FIVE STAR CHILLER THRILLER that will send goose bumps down the spine of anyone who believes in life after death, ghosts and magic we all once knew was common place as children.