The Nightlife: Paris - Travis Luedke
Travis has created a vampiric renaissance unequalled since Salem's Lot. His two main characters, Michelle the master and Aaron her predatory mate are brilliantly written with gallons of gore and development in the lust department as the pair leave a swathe of blood-drained bodies wherever they stay. The sexually casual way the vampires use their prey with descriptions that leave the reader breathless with anticipation are nothing short of genius. Improvisation is the name of the game as Travis creates a masterful technique of modern words and language including French - which was easy to follow I might add - and embraces the genre injecting it with fresh blood to give rebirth to a drained subject.
And with the clever use of a lengthy flashback to the romantic era of a war-torn Paris to explain the vampire's heritage this reader was left in no doubt this book surpassed all expectations with it's fluent dips into sexual fantasies to please all tastes not demure. The story never drops in pace as we are dragged breathless through one catastrophe after another as the vampires are hunted by an unseen foe until they are separated by circumstances beyond their control, then we really feel how much these creatures can love and yearn what once was. This is a FIVE STAR GOREFEST EROTICA MASTERPIECE.