Luna Sanguis - Simon Okill
Delve into the fractured mind of a woman left amnesiac by witnessing a horrific murder. She has no memory, nothing, except something deep inside wants to be released. At an asylum, Edouard is the young psychiatrist who treats this mysterious woman, he has no choice really as she is his true love from his disturbing dreams soaked in blood and sex. Piece by piece Edouard tries to return her to normality, but his beautiful patient knows her death awaits her and death comes to her upon a black horse with four wheels and with the unstoppable power to take every last drop of her blood to make him Eternal - the most powerful vampire to exist. Now the struggle between good and evil vampire begins as the terrified woman must find a means to escape so she may bond with her true love in an eternity of everlasting bliss. Only her nemesis, the evil Count Lucien can stop them. Dare to read this paranormal romance that will open up your heart to a new history undiscovered since mankind forgot the existence of vampires.
The reader will lose their memory as Eternal does. The reader will become confused as Eternal does. The reader will have flashbacks as Eternal does. The cure is coming in Luna Aeturnus.
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