Madame Koska and the Imperial Brooch - Ilil Arbel
Madame Koska and the Imperial Brooch by Ilil Arbel was a joy to read. The last time I looked I was a man and still am, but I still found it fascinating as this ingenious author delved into the world of the atelier between World Wars in London. High fashion is the order of the day as Madame Koska hopes to produce the next fad with her Mystral Show, but something strange happens. A break in at her dressmakers leaves everyone, including the police, quite baffled as nothing was taken. Madame Koska uses her charm and intelligence to get to the bottom of this seemingly pointless crime, but opens up a Pandora's Box where she goes head to head with an insidious master criminal and searches for a missing Catherine the Great brooch. The Russian history is alluring and fascinating, with wonderful descriptions of the hardships Russian royalty were forced to endure. Fine details are also described with exquisite attention, enticing the reader to follow the fine thread of clues to the inexorable finale which I did not see coming in more ways than one.
This FIVE STAR MYSTERY will have all Agatha Christie and Conan Doyle fans champing at the bit for the sequel. A must read!