Hers To Command: 1 (Verdantia) - Patricia A. Knight
Hers to Command was not what I expected at all. Is it scifi - yes? Is it erotic - yes? Is it romance - yes? But most of all it is unique! Patricia Knight has created a masterpiece way better than Dune with her stunning planet of Verdantia that is sentient and needs the energy released from the act of sex to sustain it and the protective force-field surrounding it. The heroine of this erotic adventure is Fleur. She is a fiercely loyal newlywed to one of our heroes, Ari. Their world is shattered when the Haarb invade to take all the sex spice - cinnagrin which is prized throughout the known galaxy. The Haarb slaughter all in their path with the help of a traitor within the Verdantia Elders. The defensive net is destroyed, leaving Verdantia helpless. One tower survives to restore the net, but without sex it has no power. This is where Ari's male lover and assassin, Doral comes in. Literally. Fleur, Ari and Doral form a Tetriarch - a powerful three-way to boost the energy needed to restore the force field before all is lost to the brutal Haarb.
There is so much more to this incredible scifi epic, but I'll leave it to the reader to discover the wonders so richly described by this awesome author, Patricia Knight.
Hers To Command is a FIVE STAR Scifi extravaganza with enough, sex and violence to exhaust our entire planet.