Sebastian - Christoph Fischer
Sebastian by Christoph Fischer is a brilliant testament to the author's talent. Although part two of a historical trilogy, this novel stands out as a standalone and is so easy to read due to the author's magical way with words.
Sebastian is the central character around whom the story of life in Vienna flows from pre Great War to the end of the hostilities. Sebastian is a normal teenage lad, but with a paranoid fear of hospitals and doctors. It is this fear that forces said doctors to amputate his leg for an infection that could so easily have been avoided had he admitted to it in the first place. Now Sebastian has to overcome almost insurmountable problems that most teenagers would never have to endure. Then war breaks out as Austria flexes her mighty muscles.
This is where the book excels as a history lesson seen through the eyes of various family members, Sebastian, his girlfriends and their family members. All these people are so richly involved in Sebastian's life and through them we watch him grow into manhood as the terrible consequences of the war quickly unravels society into a rabble of starving refugees. This reader especially loved the plight of one girlfriend who discovers some horrifying facts about her dear father and how the war changed him. This enthralling segment explores the Russian side of the war and what the revolution had in store for mankind.
This FIVE STAR historical drama is a must read for all lovers of this genre and is so highly recommended I implore you to download it now.