Finding Her Feet - Jams N. Roses
Finding Her Feet by Jams N. Roses is an almost overwhelmingly poignant tale of teenage life on the harsh streets of England. The author has immense talent and style to pull what could have been a dire trip into the murky depths of drug-fuelled mayhem, but he has instead uplifted the story to one of finding faith in simple things that please us.
Amanda is deluged with guilt for causing her twin sister, Samantha's death. Michelle, her older sister takes all the blame from a now hateful mother, whilst her father ignores the misery by working late.
The once happy family disintegrates as Michelle leaves for America and Amanda leaves for a life in dancing.
But Amanda soon succumbs to the harsh realities of life on England's cold-hearted streets. She suffers terribly at the hands of brutal men. As drugs sex and alcohol ravage Amanda's soul, she clutches at a straw named John. John slowly pulls Amanda back into a world of faith and spirituality, so much so, she attempts to rekindle her relationship with her parents.
This emotional rollercoaster of a drama gets a deserved FIVE STARS and is highly recommended as a must read for every parent with teenage children.