Son of a Serial Killer - Jams N. Roses
Son of a Serial Killer by Jams N. Roses is a smart, slick, sick serial killer thriller. Once the opening chapters are dispensed with the story races along at a frantic pace, never letting up. This is in some part due to short chapters of which there are many and the tight writing style. The author gets right into the heart of the story and creates a great character in Ben Green, a young man left mentally derelict by the accidental death of his father. His mother has a severe mental disorder that drove his father into a deep depression and now it's Ben's turn.
The Phantom has been killing for some time in London and the police have no idea how to proceed with so little to go. Detective Summers is brought in and she gets right down to the task of catching the monster stalking the streets.
I will leave readers to figure out who the killer is as I do not want to leave a trail of spoilers to their identity.
This book would easily be a 5 star if not for the editing typos so I am giving it FOUR STARS which to be honest will not dissuade anyone from a thrilling death ride as I have to recommend this to all fans of Dexter.