Constructing Marcus - Danielle DeVor
Constructing Marcus by Danielle DeVor is quite simply an exquisite YA paranormal romance that will have every ready gasping for more from this talented author.
16 year old Emma leaves her friends behind when her anorexic mother builds another life in their new Boston Victorian house. Danielle weaves a beautiful story from Emma's acceptance of her mother's problems, blending them with her joy in ghost hunting. This joy is multiplied by infinity when Emma does indeed discover their new home is haunted by the gorgeous Marcus. As she discovers who or what Marcus actually is - a construct spirit created by Miranda a witch and former living person in the same house, Emma not only falls deeply in love with Marcus, but strives to discover who murdered Miranda.
But Emma doesn't count on the killer's return - an evil sorcerer, who casts a spell on Marcus which slowly deconstructs him. Now Emma has to race against the clock to destroy the spell before she loses the love of her life or is it afterlife and defeat the sorcerer.
This YA paranormal romance is a fantastic FIVE STAR read and this reader can't recommend it enough. A sure-fire stocking filler for every teenager's kinlde this Xmas.