Outview - Brandt Legg
Outview by Brandt Legg is a refreshingly different YA urban fantasy full of mysticism and spiritualism. 16 year old Nathan Ryder has been suffering for years with what he calls Outviews - vivid and often painfully realistic dreams. He is terrified he is going insane like his older brother Dustin, now locked up in a mental institute by their mother. His father also had the same visions and died of a heart attack. Nathan is desperate to solve the puzzle of his visions and slowly he is shown what they mean by strangers who burst into his life warning him he is in danger. As Nathan learns to handle his flashbacks so he realises what they are telling him - that he has a dangerous quest to fulfil and he must face an insidious enemy so powerful that all seems pointless and futile.
But Nathan has great friends who rally around him and help him through his trials and as he comes to understand the power at his fingertips - healing, time viewing and controlling consciousness through mother nature, he decides to confront his enemy and save his brother. Little does Nathan realise the terrible cost he must bear. Every page was a must read. Every chapter flowed into the next seamlessly and the book had the perfect midway turning point that upped the ante and the stakes.
This FIVE STAR fantasy is a must read for anyone who wonders what is out there - is there more to this mundane existence? If you want to be gripped by the scruff of the neck and dragged breathless to the last page then this book is for you.