Athine Verses: The Beginning - Shannon McRoberts
Athine Verses: The Beginning By Shannon McRoberts is an imaginative take on Greek Mythology and the Norse Gods. The engrossing prologue introduces the reader to Mount Olympus and Valhalla's inhabitants. Both are homes to the Gods that manipulate us mere mortals for their own devious purposes.
Chapter one gets right into the action with Gods producing offspring from mortals as a means to gain superiority, using them in a great power struggle. This struggle takes the breath-taking saga to Athine and her sister Harmony, daughters of Ares Greek God of War. No sooner are both sisters aware of their destiny, a wicked witch splits the sisters and divides them with mistrust. And so the struggle for supremacy continues as Athine discovers her own path of enlightenment.
Each chapter is headed by the main character and has its own story with a beginning middle and end, making this novel unique and thoroughly enjoyable.
This FIVE STAR YA Fantasy is a must read for all the family and is highly recommended. Can't wait for part two!