Twin Evils? - Olga  Núñez Miret
Twin Evils by Olga Nunez Miret is a classic psychological drama for New Adults. There are some adult themes explored, but not in a graphic way, so late teen is firmly targeted here. The story revolves around twins Max and Ruth and their close friend Hilda. Tensions between the twins grow steadily worse as their 18th birthday approaches. Max is an introverted, loaner with a penchant for inflicting cruelty. He never does anything by halves - it is always to the max! He is so jealous of Ruth that he does everything possible to make her life a misery, and his parents do nothing to stop him. But when Max falls for Hilda, his mood swings become increasingly violent often ending in trauma for all concerned. The psychic bonds of twins are well analysed, and lack of parental control reveals what can happen if left unchecked. This is a satisfying read and could well do with a sequel to follow up the abrupt ending.
I would recommend this FOUR STAR fascinating insight into twin behaviour for all teens over 15.