Blood and Loss - Electa Graham
Blood and Loss is the first of a series featuring Cassandra Myles, a young witch in training, but due to unforeseen circumstances she never makes the grade at the witch academy. After witnessing the brutal deaths of her parents at the hands of a teenage vampire (this scene was very bloody and full of deep emotions), Cass succumbs to her loss and is even suspected by the police. Being a witch, one would think Cass would be more savvy than most females, but it seems to hinder her and she falls into the same traps big time with an abusive overbearing bully of a man. Not to worry as Cass falls under the spell of the gorgeous, well-muscled Quintus, a vampire of course.
This entertaining tale has witches, vampires and Fae - what is it with Fae, they seem to sneak in when least expected, enough to satisfy any fan of Sookie Stackhouse. And the ending is something I dare any reader to figure out before it comes. I like the way Electa builds the story gradually with just the right pinch of supernatural blended with not-too steamy sex, violence, gore and plenty of humour - some of her lines had me downright bust out laughing.
Although Blood and Loss kicks off with YA it settles quickly into more adult R-Rated and fits quite nicely next to any Sookie novel on the shelf.
I would recommend this 4* supernatural fantasy to all fantasy fans out there.