Unthinkable Consequences - Bob Rector
Bob Rector's Unthinkable Consequences is a classic film noir in full-blown hurricane technicolour. Bob has created quite simply a breath taking masterpiece of the basic human emotions and revved them to maximum overdrive in a 1956 T Bird. The two main characters, the neglected housewife, Paula and the dangerous stranger, Kurt are instantly blended like cheap coffee in a sleazy motel. Set in Key Largo, Florida 1959, and like the original film, oozes sex appeal and raw animalistic traits. But unlike the original film, Bob has taken the lead characters to new heights, or depths, depending on the situation at hand. And oh boy do those situations change quicker than a whore on a Saturday night at the docks. The sex is sizzling like bare feet on hot sand, the dangerous criminals lurking in the background are as vicious as scorpions in a frying pan and the tension could be sliced with a chainsaw.
If you like your thrillers hot, sweaty, visceral, plain down and dirty then this FIVE STAR Bogartesque slice of nostalgia is right up your alley with a slug of gin and a slug to the jaw for good measure. And this reader does know how to whistle, and here's looking at you, kid.