A River Moves Forward - Selena Haskins
A River Moves Forward by Selena Haskins is an astounding achievement in drama or as we say over here in UK - kitchen sink drama. Over several decades we are shown the harrowing life of Connie Morris from birth to proud parents to an unexpected rebirth much later in life. Connie's birth destroys her parents happiness as her blue eyes give away her altered bloodline. Her father descends into alcoholism and brutality until the family is forced from their home to the new ghettos of Chicago. Here, Connie grows into adulthood without her father and a mother slowly falling apart as terrible pressures leave her a wreck. Gangland killings, drugs, murder, single parenting, keeping a decent job - all the things that we struggle with are much worse for the Morris family. And yet Selena manages to infuse hope in every page and instil the desperate need to turn the next page.
I thoroughly enjoyed this FIVE STAR drama that perfectly encapsulates the struggles of the poor, whether black or white and shows we can all do better if we put our minds to the task.
I highly recommend this wonderful book to readers of all ages.