3 Gates of the Dead - Jonathan Ryan
3 Gates of the Dead by Jonathan Ryan is a tour-de-force unstoppable horror fantasy that grips you by the scruff of the neck and won't let go until the final page. I could not put the book down, but I did have to eat and sleep, which became an annoyance, interrupting my need to get back to this astonishing novel.
Aidan is a young pastor who is suspected of killing his ex-fiancé in a brutal ritualistic fashion. After being cleared by the police, he forms a bond with Jennifer, the lead detective on the case. Also, Aidan is having serious doubts about God and is tormented daily. Ryan expertly uses theological information as a buffer between the horrific murders and Aidan's own confusion over his religious beliefs. The deeper Aidan questions his doubts and the further he investigates the murders the more he comes to understand there is more to the killings. He and Jennifer must seek out a priest, Father Neal, for he alone may know the deadly secrets hidden within the Bible and certain historical sites of Ohio.
As the investigations progress so more supernatural events occur that will tingle the spine of every reader, no matter how disbelieving they may be. The story picks up pace when a paranormal research team become involved and here we are entertained with ghost and demon hunting. Shocks are delivered with sheer panache, skilfully blended with humour and theological discussion, which not at any time appears dry, but is actually though-provoking.
This supernatural thriller is a must read FIVE STAR worthy of competing with Stephen King.