The Rise of Xosha - S. Cu'Anam Policar
The Rise of Xosha by S. Cu'Anam Policar is a delightful fantasy for all ages. We have dragons and more dragons, shape-shifting creatures of every design and where would we be without a dangerous quest. This quest is the hazardous journey a group of dragons undertake in search of a safe home. They endure many hardships, sorrow at unbearable loss and triumph over their enemies of which there are many. These enemies have all but destroyed the dragons nesting sight along with their eggs and now the dragons must find a more secure home.
The description of Xosha's discovery is simply breath taking and left this reader in awe of the author's vivid imagination. The fight sequences were well done without being gory and the love scenes were sufficiently sweet not to embarrass young readers.
An overall entertaining start to what I am sure will be a fascinating and much-loved series.
I give this first in the series FOUR STARS and highly recommend the book to all fantasy lovers.