For Whom The Bell Tolls (Vlad Dracula, #1) - Shane K.P. O'Neill
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Vlad Dracula, #1) (The Dracula Chronicles, #1) by Shane KP O'Neill is exactly what a classic in its own time looks like. The author has captured the smells, flavours and struggles of 15th Century eastern Europe so perfectly, this reader actually lived every page. The writing of this historical masterpiece is flawless and seamlessly weaves a monumental tapestry of back-stabbing political shenanigans with hints of the supernatural and religious warfare.
This book follows the struggles of Vlad Dracul, Voivode of Wallachia as all around him schemes by the Turks threaten his homeland. But he is a man of honour and this pride of duty forces both his sons into the hands of the Turkish Lord whom he must destroy to save the next great Dracul.
Be prepared for mighty blood-thirsty battles on a scale so immense I gasped for breath at the magnitude and awesome skill of the author. Combine that with brilliant historical facts of this bloody time and you have a historical fiction novel not to be missed.
This FIVE STAR Historical Fiction novel is a must read and very highly recommended. Do not miss out on this masterpiece.