Finding Her Feet - Jams N. Roses
Finding Her Feet by Jams N. Roses is a rollercoaster ride of very strong emotions perfectly stylised by the pen of the author. The author could so easily have become bogged down in the mire that is Amanda's sorry life, but instead, he has uplifted this story to a level I have not before encountered.
Amanda thinks she has killed her twin sister and lives with the guilt in a home now broken with misery and blame - the blame laying on the shoulders of Amanda's older sister Michelle. Their mother hates Michelle for the death of Samantha and drives her away. Without Michelle to look up to, Amanda slides down into a pit of guilt fuelled by drugs, sex and life on the harsh streets of England's rough towns. It is here the author excels at depicting the cold reality of what so many teenagers go through, usually ending up as a footnote on an obscure page in a newspaper - yet another statistic.
But ever so slowly, Amanda finds her feet and drags her soul out of the mess and into the light of a loving relationship, but there will always be that guilt, a heavy anvil she must drag along wherever she goes.
Can Amanda make amends with Michelle, seek solace with her parents once more and find peace in a world adept at inflicting cruelty on teenagers unaware of the dangers lurking within every person they meet.
This FIVE STAR drama for adults only is so highly recommended I cannot stress enough the need for every parent to read this book before sending their teenage children out into a world attuned to destroying them with such ease.