A Life To Waste - Andrew Lennon
A Life To Waste by Andrew Lennon gave me a lot to think about. More on that at the end. This is an excellent story of a promising young athlete, Dave who through no fault of his own is left psychologically traumatised after a car accident robs him of Olympic glory. Now that his dream has been crushed, Dave goes out of his way to alienate himself from all his childhood friends and girlfriends until he is a middle-aged waster living with his Mum.
All those wasted years have left Dave a train wreck of a person whom no one could ever love, except his long-suffering mother. He drinks too much, is abusive and refuses to work, instead sponging off his poor mother whose husband and Dave's father was forced to leave due to Dave's violent outbursts.
Life has hit rock bottom for Dave until a serial killer targets people in his street. Okay, Dave is terrified, but his wasted life is given the kick start it needs when his Mum is taken by the killer. Dave kicks his booze habit and does all he can to save his mother from this sadistic monster.
Can Dave finally realise his potential and fulfil that which seemed impossible? Can he save his mother? Read this fascinating very scary horror/drama novel to find out.
This is a five star effort trapped in a FOUR STAR novel just waiting for some fine tuning that I am sure will enhance this author's status. Highly recommended for all serial killer thriller fans.