Rogue Genesis (Shimmer in the Dark, #1) - Ceri London
Rogue Genesis by Ceri London is an awesome EPIC scifi thriller. First the cover - WOW this cover is so gorgeous it sends out mind waves - READ ME! Second the story - INCREDIBLE beyond mere words to describe. But I'll give it my best shot.
Major Niall Kearey has a strange ability. He can sense danger of any kind which comes in handy for his military ops. But this gets him noticed by the wrong people - covert government types. Niall also slips out of his body when in dangerous situations and travels 1000s of light years across the universe to Astereal, a planet in flux due to seven black holes pulling it apart. When on Astereal he inhabits an alien body to interact and slowly learns this planet is not a dream world. The descriptions of this planet are stunningly breath taking and made this reader sigh.
The author skilfully weaves a complex tale of mind warping, sinister organizations and a man who can exist in two worlds at the same time, two worlds inextricably connected, two worlds he must save along with his family. This reader loved every moment of every page so beautifully written.
But Niall is just a man, not ordinary - but can this terrible burden be resolved or will two planets be destroyed. Read and find out as Niall sorts out what can only be described Dune-like problems on a mega scale.
A FIVE STAR EPIC SCIFI THRILLER and a must read. Highly recommended.