Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again - Simon Okill
Phantom Bigfoot Strikes Again by Simon Okill is a stupendously wacky story for all teenagers who like to have fun and mess around, which basically means all teenagers. If you love Scooby Doo and Buffy, not to mention Harry and the Hendersons, then this teenage adventure is definitely for you.
When Duane Dexter becomes The Guardian, protector of the forest and all life dwelling within it, he never imagined how it would alter his life. Gone down the pan went his teenage life of being bullied at school, average grades (who needs grades when you're The Guardian?), in fact a normal teenage life was never on the cards for Duane. He is The Guardian, super-hero, saviour of all that lives free within the forest and most of all protector of Bigfoot. That is his primary goal.
And when a close friend of his goes missing, he mans up and takes control of the situation, but he is also Phantom Bigfoot, prankster extraordinaire and as such tends to screw up everything around him. This he does with alarming frequency, much to the dismay of Sheriff Lou Harper. She knows damn well who the Phantom Bigfoot is, entering Big Beaverites' homes and messing up their toilet facilities, but she loves Duane like a younger brother and as such cannot find the will to arrest him.
So read this ludicrously funny book, full of insane pranks, The Phantom Bigfoot Serial Bather, naughty female Bigfoot, the Blonde Bigfoot babes, Joee and Teena, who are way more than they seem and most of all, join Duane, the teenage hero who saves his town from disaster in so many ways that it makes him sigh that he cannot admit his true identity.
This is a FIVE STAR teenage adventure that everyone will enjoy and will soon be a movie.