Let There Be Blood - Tina Traverse
Let There Be Blood by Tina Traverse is an intense sexual thriller set in the glamorous world of Hollywood. Aaron is the flavour of the year. He's a superstar. He has everything. Until he meets an old flame. They spark and the sparks sure as hell fly. Their hot sexually sweat-covered bodies can't get enough, but there's one small problem, the relationship comes with a daughter.
Tina has created Hollywood's underbelly of drugs, sex and more sex with incredible panache and a talent for describing every sexual act imaginable and some this reader would not dare try. Honest!
Aaron's once perfect world soon spins out of control and crash-dives, or should I say muff-dives, into the darker more sordid world of sexual fantasy mixed with delusion and vampires, after all, Aaron plays a vampire in the hit show Let There Be Blood. And it is in the studio that Tina excels, writing a screenplay within the novel with such ease she should be living the life in the book, well except for all the dark stuff, which is so well written as to not offend, but bring a certain reality to what everyone knows is the notorious party life of Hollywood.
If you are in need for plenty of sex, twists galore, more gore than you can shake a stick at and pure glamour then this is definitely the book for you.
I highly recommend this FIVE STAR dark fantasy thriller for all adults who are willing to experiment with their reading material.