Immortalis Amor, The Masquerade - Dominique  Vandorien
Immortalis Amor, The Masquerade by Dominique Vandorien is the bravest most sensual book I have ever read. What at first seems shockingly explicit and delving into the dark world of sexual obsession is in fact the life of the author herself, laid bare for all to read, no sugar-coating, pure hard candy, but oh so tastefully done. Dominique's writing style is brilliant and lends itself perfectly to the task of telling the world what she went through as a younger woman.
I am not going to divulge a word of the story as nothing I can say would be good enough to equal Dominique's own words. So all I can recommend is if you like your sex laid bare, truthful, inspiring, dominant, paranormal, submissive, obsessive and above all breathlessly orgasmic then I highly recommend this incredible expose of Dominique's life - FIVE INCREDIBLE STARS!