The Tier of Eternal Grace: The Mirrors Shadow - Tania Elizabeth
The Tier of Eternal Grace: The Mirror's Shadow
By Tania Elizabeth an author not shallow,
Her poetic prose will delight and enthral
Her readers' hearts and minds recall,
Faerie Tatiana must choose between
Eterna Fadas where reigns she as Faerie Queen,
Her love is a splendour enriched with joy
For here on Earth she doth give birth to a boy,
His name is Tiernan of beauty was born
To return to Eterna Fadas doth make him forlorn,
Mother and Son return to their homeland
Once bonded with Corozon to fight Edan,
A duel of darkness and light
Faerie upon faerie to banish the night.
And so this reader has replenished his dreams with the glory of light and the beauty of love to once more sigh in need of more faerie delight.
A MUST READ FIVE STAR poetic novel full of love everlasting to delight readers of all ages. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED